{"occupation":       "Scribe",
  "description":       "My life and achievements fit snugly inside a few JSON objects."}

Let's conjugate some HTTP verbs I don’t GET it. Also, who's Jason?

{"MaaS reference":

{"Blueprint": "Download the Maas Postman collection or the markdown source ."}}


{"Echo services":

{"Info architecture":

{"Architecting docs, multimedia and contextual materials"}}

{"API documentation":

{"REST, SOAP, RPC, XML, JSON, Libraries, SDKs"}}


{"Public speaking, trainings and product demos"}}


{"Professional Scrum Product Owner 1"}}}

{"Scripting, Programming, ++":

{"PHP, Java, C#, HTML, and CSS}}

{"REST Modeling Languages":

{"Markdown/Blueprint, Swagger, RAML"}}

{"Agile Management Processes":

{"Scrum and Kanban Methodologies"}}


{"Confluence, Jira, Git, Postman, MS and Adobe suites"}}}


{"invitation":"Let's touch base!",
"description":"All your base are belong to us."}}

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